Praise for At the End of Life

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Dr. Neil Vickers of King’s College has some kinds words for At the End of Life in his review [extract only] at Medical Humanities:

All of the essays in the collection are beautifully written. They deserve to be read for that and for their authors’ honesty and the self-knowledge.

Vickers is particularly struck by Beecher Grogan’s essay on her young daughter’s death:

When renaissance writers, such as Erasmus and Montaigne, offered advice on how to die well, they took eternal life as a given. You needed to know how to die well in this life in order to get off to a good start in the next one. What Grogan gives us is more modern. It’s as if she discovers a spiritual meaning in her own life only through Lucy’s death, which then awakens in her a set of personal supernatural beliefs.

Read an interview with Beecher Grogan here.

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